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As we have done for many years with a number of area municipalities, Valin Partners LLP strives to meet the legal needs of its municipal clients as a local solution with a first hand understanding of the issues and the needs that affect the people and municipalities of Northeastern Ontario. No matter how small a municipality may be, the lawyers of Valin Partners LLP devote their full time and attention to their municipal client’s needs. As a local law firm, Valin Partners LLP prides itself on being available for quick and personal service as and when desired.

Valin Partners LLP regularly provides advice and services in the area of municipal law, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Municipal Tax Sales for realty tax arrears.
  • Real Estate and conveyancing, including municipal road closures and shore allowance closures.
  • Issues involving the Municipal Act and other legislation affecting municipalities.
  • Assistance with bylaw drafting and enforcement, as well as building code enforcement.
  • Assistance and representation on Employment and Labour law matters as it relates to employees and human resource issues.
  • Representation and advice on the litigation needs of the municipality.
  • Advice and representation on the drafting of contracts of all sorts.
  • Advice on procedural and governance issues.

Practicing Lawyers:
Thomas J. Davis
Gordon A. Prisco